Bio Velocity, LLC


Mobile Dewatering

 Canyon Systems, Inc. is proud to be partners with BioVelocity, LLC to offer mobile solids handling. Mobile Centrifuge Dewatering decreases overall liquid sludge hauling costs and is much more efficient than hauling liquid sludge.  The remote controlled electric dredge is efficient in removing solids from lagoons for processing by centrifuge for beneficial reuse. 


Liquid Sludge to Biosolids

 Biosolids are generated from centrifuge dewatering and can be beneficially used for fertilizer on agriculture, fire restoration, and numerous other sites per 40 CFR 503 Regulations.  BioVelocity, LLC provides all of the hauling and disposal of your cake biosolids on request.  Additionally, if you select BioVelocity, LLC to complete your dewatering project, all 503 samples will be collected on your behalf for annual biosolids reporting! 


Clean and Efficient

 With Centrifuge Dewatering, the job site will be clean and organized as opposed to the old belt press technology.  In addition, centrifuge dewatering provides 95-99% capture and up to 45% cake solids concentration.  BioVelocity,LLC prides themselves on quality centrate to prevent treatment plant upsets.  Typical centrate quality is less than 500 mg/L with 25-45% cake solids. 

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